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  2. thepersonalnetwork:

    Last week we announced the launch of a new messaging super-power: Path Talk Places. Places puts the power of a personal assistant in the palm of your hand and helps you save time to get things done.

    Sometimes texting is simply easier than calling. Whether you are crammed into a bus, “paying…

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  5. walkingdeadamc:

    The Walking Dead premiere will blow you away this Sunday at 9|8c.

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  8. 9/27-9/30

  9. quiee:

    9: Singapore
    7: Berkeley
    5: Cincinnati
    3: Hanover
    1: Himalayas

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  12. jedavu:

    Postcards for Ants: A 365-Day Miniature Painting Project by Lorraine Loots

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  13. aplacetolovedogs:

    Teddy bears make shelter dogs smile! Andy’s sweet smile stole one lucky family’s heart and he now has his furever home!


    Visit their facebook page SPCA of Texas

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  15. whatrorenis:

    Developing a “tough skin” isn’t the answer. Jesus didn’t have a “tough skin”. He had a strong heart, the strongest heart.

    I can’t accept that all of the things that were to hurt Jesus’ heart just simply deflected off of Him. Spiritual pain….it’s such a deep, empty, yet so…